No Heavies on Burro Taxis

AXA Mijas burro taxiesA new municipal bylaw in Mijas, famous for its burro taxis, makes it illegal for people over 80 kilos to ride them.

The plan, says  the Councillor for Transport and Mobility, Nicolás Cruz, is for this bylaw to come into effect from next year, once the period allowed for objections has passed and it receives its final approval.

Veterinary checks will also be stepped up, not only on the animals themselves, but also on the hygienic conditions of where they are kept.

All this is thanks to a meeting where representatives of the Town Hall, the donkey owners and animal-protection societies reached this accord.

Councillor Cruz also mentioned that they are working on finding better stables for the animals, which in many cases are ground-level rooms underneath the living accommodation of a town house. Some of these stables (cuadras) are over 50 years old and local regulations have changed a lot in the meantime.

As for the donkey drivers (arrieros), they have 69 animals between them and acknowled that it is in their interest that the animals are kept and used in the best conditions.

(News: Mijas, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)


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