Hunter Falls Down A Well

AND Hunter down a wellWhilst a hunter was out trying his hardest to kill things on Saturday, he nearly died himself after falling down a 5-metre deep well.

Fortunately for this 63-year-old man from ïllora, he wasn’t injured in the fall and the water only came up to his waist, but he was down there for five hours, hollering for somebody to find him and get him out.

The well was covered over, but it was surrounded by lots of high weeds and the cover was deteriorated and unable to take his weight.

Luckily for him, his family, seeing that he hadn’t returned home for lunch, called 112. A search party was organised by the police, whilst the family launched there own search in the nearby low mountain lands.

It was probably the only time that the man was happy to hear the voice of his daugher’s boyfriend calling his name. Bellowing at the top of his lungs in response the hunter managed to be heard and he was soon found.

His injuries were just scrapes and bruises so he was none the worse from his ordeal… and the local wildlife was happy to have a day off from his attentions, too.

The Policía Local have cordoned off the well and instructed the owner of the land where the well stands to get it covered over again, but more securely.

(News: Illora, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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