Too Hot for Choppers

GRA Helicopter Hospital LandingIf it’s been hot down here on the coast until recently, imagine what it’s has been like in Granada. It’s been too hot for choppers.

That doesn’t mean that helicopters are incapable of flying over the city – it just means that it’s been too hot for certain kinds of helicopters to land in certain areas under certain circumstance… like on top of super-heated concrete surfaces.

The air ambulances that brings in hospital cases to the PTS Hospital (Clínico San Cecilio) have not been able to land on the roof on at least two occasions because of the heat coming off the roof – they’ve had to land on a nearby piece of land.

The reason is that very hot air is much thinner and helicopters like fixed-wing aircraft are affected by air density. An engine failure, even if only momentary or partial, would be catastrophic under these conditions, so landing on a piece of land rather than concrete that has soaked up heat all day, is safer.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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