Lost Child; Happy Ending

Saturday, May 18, 2019
By Vivienne Hughes

GRA Alfacar RoadA 4-year-old was found wandering along a street in Granada, dressed only in his pyjamas at six in the morning on the 5th of May.

The child, who was in good health and showed no signs of having suffered violence, explained that he had woken up and found nobody at home, so he had gone out to look for them.

So what had happened?

A woman had come across the child and asked him where his parents were but the child seemed confused and made little sense, so she phoned a nearby friend asking her to stay with the child because she needed to go. She also phoned the Policia Local telling them where the child and her friend would be waiting for them.

The police arrived at the Alfacar-road roundabout on Calle Periodista Luis de Vicente. Obviously, the child couldn’t tell them his parents’ full name nor the address where he lived, so they drove him around in the hope of his recognising something.

At this point the Policía Local got onto the Policía Nacional, who took over and transferred the child to the children’s home, Bermúdez de Castro.

The parents had woken that morning to find the child missing, so they contacted the police (around 09.00h). They were shocked and could not explain what had happened because they had certainly been at home when the boy had wandered off. Nevertheless, the case is being investigated by Social Welfare to make sure that the child was being adequately cared for.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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