Lemongrass, La Herradura

PP LemongrassRestaurante Lemongrass was opened along with La Caleta Bay Hotel in 2016. The founder of La Caleta Bay and Peña Parda, Bernice, is from Macau and she took over the management of the restaurant in 2018.

Originally, Lemongrass served Italian and Japanese cuisine. Reforms have been specifically taken on higher quality sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine as well as introducing more diverse asian foods such as sukiyaki, Korean BBQ, Bibimbap etc.

The tasting menus are created to attract all diners and to steer people away from the image that Japanese restaurants only have sushi and cold food. As such, the tasting menus have many different combinations of flavours and styles that will tempt the taste buds of everyone.

Go on, give it a try!

Lemongrass, Paseo Andrés Segovia 12, La Caleta Bay Hotel, La Herradura. Tel. 625 30 75 38.

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