Lonely, Forgotten and Dead

Yet another case of an elderly person, living alone and apparently forgotten, is found years later as a mummified corpse.

The Policía Nacional found the body of an elderly women in the Salamanca quarter of Madrid, although she was in her late 70s when she died in her flat – nobody had noticed at the time.

She was finally discovered after a niece who lives in Israel had reported to the police that she had heard nothing of her aged aunt in years.

Consequently, the police went to her abode at the end of last month and found the door locked and nobody answering. They spoke to her neighbours, who confirmed that they hadn’t seen her for several years.

After calling in a locksmith, they entered the flat and found the body in a mummified condition lying on the kitchen floor.

According to the autopsy she most probably died from a massive stroke and put the time of death down to the beginning of 2014.

(News: Madrid)

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