Too Few; Too Far Apart

ECO Guardia Civil Post in CastellGuardia Civil posts all over Spain close down over the weekend and most evenings; some like in Láchar, don’t even have alarms or CCTVs. The sad fact is that 50% of the 76 Guardia Civil posts in the province of Granada are manned in this manner.

Only the main posts like Baza, Maracena, Atarfe, Santa Fe, Loja, Guadix, Armilla and a few others are open 24 hours a day, amongst them Almuñécar and Salobreña.

For this reason, the small rural ones with no burglar alarms are easy pickings on a Saturday night, Sunday morning.

In the case of Láchar, there aren’t even armoury lockers for service weapons. If you, as civilian, have to keep your shotgun under lock and key in a special locker, how is it that the appropriate ministry has failed to provide the Guardia Civil with them – and remember, they also have automatic weapons.

Guardsmen don’t want to take their service pistol home, especially if they have kids, so the majority leave them at the posts..

One Guardia Civil police officer in Spain died from a gunshot wound every 26 days last year, either through an accident in handling or a suicide, according to the independent Guardia Civil union AUGC spokesman in Granada.

The cause for this deterioration in posts or cuartels, of course, is the economic crisis which brought in drastic cuts to manpower and material. The budget that each provincial HQ handles for the individual posts just does not go very far.

The union spokesman man, David Martin, said, “we know that the province is 180 police officers down, owing to vacancies through retirement not being filled,” adding,” the problem is also the deployment in the province; there are too many posts with very few police officers manning them; what is needed is to close them down and concentrate as much manpower as possible in larger stations.”

There are supposedly plans to do exactly that; i.e, restructure the provincial deployment after the end of this summer.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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