Video Competition Winners

ALM Kids cleaning up the beachAsociación Playa Patrol is pleased to announce the winners of the Student Beach Clean Up Video Competition held in Almuñécar on February the 14th.

A total of 543 students from 10 local schools, including 25 exchange students from Leipzig International School (Germany), participated in a beach clean up.

“It has been a pleasure working with the 25 students from IES Al-Ándalus who acted as Team Captains for the ten schools that participated in today’s clean up.

Two Playa Patrol Ocean Ambassadors, Ann-Marie Bönström and Rolf Hedberg, spent time in Marina Morales Bailén’s 4th -year English Class with the Team Captains explaining the importance of keeping our sea plastic-free and ran an interactive MARNOBA demo with the students so that they could learn how to use the app to catalogue the litter that the collected,” explained Ann Jenkins, Director of Asociación Playa Patrol.

“When Playa Patrol suggested we add a video competition to our Beach Clean Up, it allowed our students to be creative while at the same time be involved in a community service project that helps keep our sea plastic-free. I am please that so many local schools got involved and that we were able to include our guest students from Leipzig International School. Working with Playa Patrol and Medio Ambiente has been a great initiative for our students,” said Cecilia Rubio Salmerón, IES Al-Ándalus, who coordinated the project.

Asociación Playa Patrol sponsored both cash prizes. First prize of €100 was award to CEIP La Santa Cruz Class 6A. Second prize of €50 was award to CEIP Virgen de la Antigua Class 5B. The team captains, Dori López and Carmen Cortés Gonzáles are both from IES Al-Ándalus.

Honorable Mention goes to IES Al-Ándalus Class 3B (Team Captain, Roberto Boto). The rest of the Top-Ten Videos include (in alphabetical order): CEIP La Santa Cruz Class 6B (Team Captain, Marina Montes), CEIP Torrecuevas Class 5/6 (Team Captain, Juan García Martinez), CEIP Torrecuevas Class 5/6 (Team Captain, Diego Fernández), CEIP Virgen de la Antigua Class 5A (Team Captain, Amara Centurión), IES Al-Ándalus Class 3A (Team Captain, Pablo Aguilar), IES Puerta del Mar (Team Captains, Lucía Martos Olivares, Alberto Castillo and Alejandro Castillo), IES Villanueva del Mar Class 1B (Team Captains, Francisco Cabrera Sanchez, Yeray Diaz Camancho, Marta Sanchez).

The videos will be showcased on the Playa Patrol YouTube channel and the Playa Patrol Facebook and Instagram pages over the next couple days.

The judges included Juan Manuel Pérez (Turismo Costa Tropical), Rafa Coelho and Dita Grunte (ContagYou Art + Creative Space), Vitor Wegner Labandeira and Raphael Luz Torres (CD Almuñécar Football Club). Special thanks to Hotel Helios for providing the judges a complimentary space to review the videos.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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