Salobreña Beach Lighting

SAL Street Lighting Beach Return RoadLast week the neighbourhood association, Playa de Salobreña, requested that the Town Hall did something about the lack of lighting on the paseo and general area.

The Chairman of the association, José Manuel Martínez, said that they were tired of the situation that had slowly become worse since Christmas and that there was a general sense of insecurity.

Consequently, the Town Hall has just announced that they are going to do something about it, starting Monday. They are going to replace the electric cabling between El Peñon and the Campano. This means that over a kilometre of cable is going to be taken out and replaced.

One of the provisional measures is to run an overhead cable to supply the public, street lighting until the underground work can be completed.

The Town Hall points out that the underground cable deteriorated because of the proximity of the sea, provoking short circuiting; hence the complete overhaul.

It is hoped that the beach-road lighting will be complete and operative by the week’s end, but the long-term aim is to replace the underground cabling in the whole beach area.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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