Police Bust Drugs Den

MOT Policia NacionalNever a week goes by without another drugs bust; this time it was in Motril when a veritable ‘drug supermarket’ was raided.

The flat raided was in the Barrio de San Antonio, which is the shadier side of Motril, with several police vans moving in on Friday morning, backed by units from the city of Granada.

The flat was selling all kinds of drugs, including marihuana, hashish, cocaine, heroine and all kinds of mind-bending pills. Also confiscated was a large quantity of money as well as precision scales and other equipment.

Three people were also arrested; a married couple and a third adult. The police have not made public the quantity of drugs confiscated nor the amount of money, either – it is, after all, close to the police’s New Year’s party… Just joking!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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