Deficient Drainage Improvements

ALM Las Palomas DeficiencesThe Almuñécar, IU, opposition-party spokesperson, Fermin Tejero, says that the recent work on La Paloma rain-drainage has proven deficient.

He allows that in general the work has improved the situation but certain problems that have been highlighted by recent rainfall need to be rectified.

The main problem, he pointed out, is that the slope on road surfaces channels water everywhere except towards the rain drains. However, the most surprising thing, he considers, is that there is one rain drains that doesn’t go anywhere.

The above deficiencies have resulted in extensive puddling; something that should not be happening given the recent work carried out precisely to eliminate this problem.

For this reason his party has lodged a complaint before the Town Council so that they can look into the situation, as well as with the Mancomunidad, who carried out the works in this barrio.

The Councillor for Urban Developments responded with alacrity, asking for more details, but to date nothing has been heard from the Mancomunidad.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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