Dog Turns on Owner

ALM Bitten by Own DogA woman in Almuñécar was badly bitten in the face and arms by her own dog, after she tried to prevent it attacking the domestic-help employee. It was a neighbour who managed to distract the dog so that it let its owner go.

The incident took place a little after midday on Calle Morería when the 14-year-old dog, a cross between a Pit Bull and Canary Mastiff, went for the female employee. The house owner tried to stop her dog’s threatening attitude towards the other woman but it turned on her instead.

According to the Spokesperson for the Policía Local, the dog had gone for the home help because it believed she was going to harm its owner – which doesn’t explain why it attacked the owner.

The dog had quietened down by the time that the police got there, who took it away for observation for a period of 40 days, after which the dog’s owner must decide what she wants to do with the animal

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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