El Vadillo Road Closures

MOT Shell Garage VadilloStarting tomorrow there will be road closures on the Vadillo road in Motril, which is the one that goes through the trading estate.

Hopefully, it won’t be chaotic as the Policía Local will be out directing the traffic along diversions.

This is all part of the complete overhaul of this road, which used to be the old Almería road before the N-340 bypass was built between the first and last entrance into Motril heading from the West (Salobreña).

The rain-drainage system and sewers will be changed along with the mains water supply, while down the Kilometro Zero end, where the majority of the warehouses are, the surface infrastructure will also be renovated.

The traffic diversions on the 4th will be directed along alternative streets on the estate. Here is a more detailed explanation:

Those that normally wish to use the Vadillo road to exit Motril, rather than visit the trading estate itself, will be redirected at the Puente Toledano roundabout (Near the Día Supermarket) along Calle Tegucigalpa (trading-estate main back road) or Camino de Las Ventillas (exit for motorway).

Traffic coming in off the N-340 from the Torrenueva direction will be redirected next to the Shell garage along Calle Tegucigalpa.

MOT Vadillo Puente ToledanoOnly traffic wishing to reach businesses on the trading estate will have access to kilómetro Uno via 2-directional traffic from the Puente Toledano roundabout, Calle Brasilia as far as the Calle Lima(Shell garage turning) junction. To facilitate this there will be no parking on Calle Brasilia in order to permit 2-way traffic flow.

Watch out for temporary road closures today, Monday the 3rd in preparation for the main road closures beginning the next day. Today, for example, parking will disappear along Calle Méjico to facilitate manoeuvering room for large vehicles.

These road closures will last ten months with the roadworks making its way up from KM1 (N-340 end) to the Puente Toledano, so you had better get used to them or simply stay away from that area of Motril.

As for the Bus Station, no mention was made in the press release concerning whether it would be affected or not, and if so, how.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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