Lucky Chinese Family

The Guardia Civil managed to track down the owner of a backpack containing several thousand euros, which had been handed in by a couple that found it.

The backpack had been found in an underground parking (San Augstín) around 17.45h on the 20th of August, when a Málaga couple had gone to collect their car from the garage. They came across the backpack on the ground and upon opening it found that it contained 6,722 euros (fiesta!).

Also in the backpack were five passports belonging to Chinese citizens

Fortunately for the owner of the backpack, the couple handed it in rather than keeping the money.

The Guardia Civil inspected the contents more closely and found a hotel bill with the name of one of the passport holders, together with a mobile-phone number.

So, the police contacted the Chinese citizen, who residents in Rentería (País Vasco) but had been visiting Granada. Apparently, his young child had thrown the backpack out of the window as they were leaving the car park without the parents noticing.

The backpack owner had received the happy news as they were passing through Jaén on their way back home; they had cancelled their vacation because they had lost all their money…

The Chinese family turned up at the Guardia Civil post at 18.30h and reclaimed their lost luggage, full of gratitude for the police and especially for the couple from Málaga who were still at the police station.

(News; Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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