Things on in Otivar

ALM Indio SardinadaRight, tiny Otivar has two events on today; one in the afternoon and one in the evening and both involve eating! Today the coast is chock-a-block – escape!

First of all Jeronimo at the El Indio Pub has a sardinada; i.e., BBQd sardines on the terrace. The sardinada started yesterday so today is the last day. Serving starts at 13.00h

So, that’s a great venue, great music and something different.

Then there’s the Javi at the Buena Vista in the evening where he will be putting on a Gran Cata Maridaje. What’s that, you ask?

Rather than a sample menu where the wine is chosen to go with the food, it’s a wine sampling where the food is chosen to go with the wine. And the wine is none other than Calvente!

ALM Buena Vista MaridajePlaces are few so you had better phone right away and book on 958 645 082! So that’s 22.00h and 20 euros a head.

Get off the crowded coast where the July holidaymakers are being joined by the newly arriving August ones (the busiest weekend of the summer) and head up to Otívar today!

(News: Otivar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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