Endesa Bill Phishing

SPN Endesa PhishingThe police are asking members of the public to be alert for an online scam (phishing) involving Endesa bills.

Furthermore Endesa, itself, has posted a warning on its own website:

Se han detectado campañas fraudulentas que simulan avisos de Endesa informando de un reembolso de una factura supuestamente pagada por error dos veces. En este e-mail se insta al usuario a clicar en un enlace para conseguir este reintegro. Al pinchar en este enlace, el usuario es redirigido a una falsa página de Endesa con una pasarela de pago, cuyo objetivo es adquirir los datos de su tarjeta de crédito/débito para hacerle un cargo indebido.

Intended victims receive an email notification that they have been overcharged, with a bill having been paid twice, and that they are therefore owed a refund.

Once you click on the link in the email to find out what you are ‘owed,’ you are directed to a false Endesa page, where you will be invited to fill in your personal details…

(News: cyberland)

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