Kim Harwood Returns

LHR Bay Swim KimAfter breaking her wrist, Kim has made a remarkable recovery and is now back at work sorting out the strained and stressed bodies of the Costa Tropical.

Normally working in La Herradura, Kim now also works out of Padial Análisis, in Plaza Kuwait in Almuñécar, so if you can’t get over to La Herradura, just make your appointment for Almuñécar, simples!

Kim is a highly qualified and experienced, Sports & Remedial Massage Practitioner who lives in La Herradura.
So many people live with back issues, muscle aches and pains, stress-related problems, but with Kim around you really don’t have to. She can help with issues such as knots, back pain, RSI and much more.

I went to Kim with a bad case of lower-back pain that had been plaguing me for quite some time and after treatment nearly two years ago, I am still pain free. So I know she’s not only a very nice lady… but also a very, very good, professional-massage therapist.

Kim Harwood, BSc (Hons), AAF, Sports & Remedial Massage, 43 Los Altos, Carmenes del Mar, La Herradura. Tel 691 334 666

Editorial note: the photo is of Kim proudly displaying her swimming prize in September 2016.

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