Monkey Business

The Guardia Civil are investigating eleven suspects scattered over several provinces for smuggling monkeys.

The police operation, based Málaga, managed to frustrate six illegal sales and recuperate five marmosets and a tamarin – sounds like a pharamcy prescription but they’re kinds of cute monkeys.

The investigation began last year when the Guardia Civil cyber department detected several sites trafficking in the illegal importation of exotic animals. The sellers, who were using false identities, were residents of Granada, Sevilla, Alicante and Jaén.

One of them was offering a pair of marmosets for the price of 3,000 euros, but the sale turned out to be a dud.

Another person being investigated, who also advertised as a medium, had already been reported for a previous transactions of a similiar kind.

The international body, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) protects marmosets, amongst other species and makes it illegal to possess them.

CITES not only controls and protects endangered species for their own benefit, but also some of them transmit infectious deseases, such as malaria, dengue, rabies and even aids.

The confiscated animals were handed over to a veterinary centre in Málaga and a zoo in Fuengirola before finally being transferred o the Fundación AAP Primadomus Centro de Rescate para Animales Exóticos de Alicante.

(News: Andalucia)

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