Heart Attack at the Wheel

A man driving an articulated lorry had a heart attack right in the middle of Castell de Ferro, but disaster was averted.

The 38-year-old driver had come down from Jaén to pick up goods from a large horticultural warehouse around six in the afternoon when he suffered a cardiac-arrest. He managed to bring the large vehicle to a halt just in front of the medical centre.

Although the lorry was stopped in the middle of the lane, none of the other drivers or pedestrians realised what had happened. In fact, the other drivers simply passed around the lorry without stopping.

Fortunately, the local Chief of Police was was passing by and stopped to see what was the problem.

“We saw that the driver had his head bent forward and thought that he might be looking at a mobile or navigational device – many commercial drivers get lost around this way,” explained the Police Chief, Javier Olea.

While the police who had been accompanying him contacted the emergency service for medical incidents, the Chief began to apply CPR as the driver had no pulse.

Again, fortunately, owing to the proximity of the medical centre, the ambulance was there in a matter of a few minutes. The doctor had accompanied the ambulance and began working on the victim there and then, inside the cab.

The victim regained consciousness, to everybody’s relief, and complained of the pain in his chest. He was rushed to Hospital Santa Ana, and then to the General Hospital in Ubeda in Jaén, where he is recovering.

(News: Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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