Illegal 4-Wheeled Twins

ECO GualchosThe Guardia Civil in Castell de Ferro are questioning a man who has been using the same number plates for two different cars – sneaky!

The 46-year-old, resident of Gualchos, has two cars of the same make, type and colour… but with only one number-plate registration between.

One of the cars is officially ‘off the road’ (de baja) and therefore has no insurance or valid ITV, yet together with the fully-up-to-date-and-legal car, the driver quite cheerfuly drives them around, even on the same day.

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He was rumbled when a Guardia patrol saw one of the cars in Gualchos and realised that they had just seen the same car in Castell barely minutes before and that it was impossible for the car to reach Gualchos before they did.

So, one of the policemen remained with the suspicious car whilst the other set off back to Castell de Ferro in search of the other one and, lo, there it was.

(News: Gualchos/Castell, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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