Gagged & Bound Mystery

SPN Girl found boundThe investigation into the case of a young woman found, unconscious, gagged and bound hands & feet, at the bottom of an embankment, has turned 180 degrees; she did it herself.

The 24-year-old victim was discovered at 10.30h on Tuesday the 7th in an area of thick vegetation next to the road near Irun (Basque Lands). She was rescued with difficulty and taken to the Hospital Donostia.

When she regained consciousness in hospital she was questioned by the Basque regional police, during which she didn’t accuse anybody of having done this to her, instead it slowly it emerged that she had taken an overdose of pills and prepared herself in this fashion.

She had admitted to being responsible for these strange circumstances after being convinced to come clean by her family. However, it is still not known why she did it but is suspected that it was a desperate cry for attention.

Editorial comment: I’m still trying to work out in what order she had bound her hands and feet with cable-ties and gagged herself?

(News: Irun, Basque Lands)

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