2017 Worse Forest-Fire Year

AND Infoca HeliAndalucia has seen 15,254 hectares of forestland and mountain shrub destroyed by fire so far this year, which is three times higher than last year.

In fact, 2017 has been the worse year in a decade, according to Infoca, the regional fire-fighting agency.

Until these latest figures became known, 2015 with 12,681 hectares burnt and 2009 with 12,377 were the worse years, but this year (up to the 15th of October) surpassed these previous figures by at least 3,000 hectares.

It’s not only the surface area consumed but also the number of fires: 2017 had 882 fires compared with the 740 last year.

If that weren’t enough, the scientific value of the woodlands destroyed was also greater; i.e., protected species.

The fire that most stuck out was the Moguer one in Huelva back in June, which turned 10,000 hectares to ash, 7,000 of which belonged to the Natural Park of Doñana, one of the great natural treasures of the country.

(News: Andalucia)

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