Greenhouse Demolition on Hold

ECO Rabita TodayIt really doesn’t matter how you look at it, to deprive dozens of families of their livelihood at the tail end of this economic crisis seems illogical at best.

And that, of course, is the essence of the situation in La Rábita-El Pozuelo where they are going to bulldoze hectares of plastic farms that have been in existence for nearly 40 years.

The big day came and went, shortly after the demonstration in the city of Granada; even while the farmers protested in Granada, Costas had the earth-moving machinery, itching to go ahead, in front of the greenhouses.

But the diggers and bulldozers remain sullenly inactive because no green light had filtered down from the law courts in Granada.

In the meantime, the farmers are not standing around with their arms folded – although at least two farmers started pulling down their own installations – because their cherry-tomato crop is nearing harvesting time (Nov/Dec).

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But apart from cherishing their cherry tomatoes, they are also organising a demonstration in front of the Albuñol Town Hall to get them in on their side.

Editorial comment: probably the most inefficient, most unreasonable bureaucratic body, Costas, strides around in glorious self importance, inactive where they should act, and hyperactive where they should instead stand back.

(News: La Rabita, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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