MTV Lands in La Herradura

LHR MTV XXXAre you too old to know what MTV is? Nah! Yes, MTV is an American cable & satellite TV channel; do the annual MTV Awards ring a bell? Well, they’re in La Herradura.

Back in 1981 when MTV was launched the channel, it only aired music videos targeting young adults, yet today its audience is even younger: high school and university teenagers (undergraduates).

Since then, it has moved on to talk shows and reality TV shows, featuring celebrities, and even cartoons, such as Beavis & Butthead. As a spin-off to their reality shows, they created The Challenge.

Originally premiered in 1998, under the original name Road Rules: All Stars, the show slowly mutated into The Challenge in its 19th season. We’re now in the 30th season, which is subtitled Dirty Thirty or alternatively, The Challenge XXX.

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Anyway, that’s enough background, but if you want to know more about the show, which is using the Marina del Este, you will find this Wikipedia link informative.

Since last Friday the programme has taken over part of the port, with a large sign in the port, right next to the Peñón de las Caballas. Outside the port, they have had two very long filming days where the programme participants have had to try their hand at diving, right next to the Punta de la Mona.

The Councillor for Tourism, Rafael Caballero Jiménez, is obviously over the moon and sees this as a fantastic opportunity to promote La Herradura’s round-the-year diving opportunities.

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