Curing Corpses

GRA Cementery PeligrosOne afternoon last month there were unusual happenings in the cemetery in Peligros, resulting in a man being brought before a magistrate for disinterring a corpse.

The man, with the clinical condition paranoid-schizophrenia and who had not been taking his medication, firmly believed that he had healing powers, so he was going to heal a long-dead person.

Sr. S.A.C. smashed the fascia stone on a burial niche with a large rock, pulled out the coffin and opened it up after propping it up. He then laid his hands on the head and carried out a homemade healing ritual. However, the corpse proved to be unreasonably, uncooperative and remained stubbornly dead.

He was discovered by a cemetery caretaker at 17.50h, who alerted the municipal police. The man, under questioning, responded that he just happened to be passing when he had heard voices calling him.

Anyway, that was in the police report and the magistrate came to the conclusion that the culprit was not criminally responsible for his act of profanation and was instead suffering from “psychological disorders,” and ordered the man to be interned in a psychiatric hospital.

(News: Peligros,Vega de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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