Stolen Cars Recovered

Within the space of just five days the Guardia Civil at Motril Port have seized two stolen vehicles that we being embarked for North Africa.

On the 10th of July the custom police Renault, Megane Scenic waiting to be driven on board the ferry for Nador. The car docs matched the numberplate, make, etc but upon closer inspection the chasis number showed signs of having been altered

Despite the alteration the police were able to discern its original number and with that identify it as a car that had been stolen in France. The couple that were driving it, aged 48 and 50, Moroccan nationals resident in France, were arrested.

Then on the 15th they came across an Audi 07, waiting to embark for Melilla. Again, the chasis number had been manipulated and that the original did not coincide with the temporary export plates. After checking, this time the car had been stolen a few days earlier in Germany.

The 27-year Dutch driver was arrested & charged, like the couple before him, with handling stolen goods and document forgery.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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