Carefree Transportation

The Guardia Civil came across some quaint seating arrangement in two vans; i.e., sofas, diningroom chairs, etc, to accommodate 40 Romanian passengers.

It was 16.00h on the 17th of July when the police pulled over a battered Ford Transist van with Spanish numberplates on the A-44 within the municipality of the city of Granada. Inside were 24 cheery passengers, 10 of whom were adults and 14 were minors including three babies. The Guardia Civil were both surprised and pleased.

Just of half an hour later, at 16.35h, and two kilometres further on, the police stopped another Ford Transit van, but this time with Romanian plates. This time it was relatively sparsely populated by 16 individuals; six adults and ten minors, and as in the first van, all were Romanians.

Now these are only permitted to transport three people, because they are for moving material and not people, so both drivers, aged 21 and 35 had some explaining to do and charged with “manifestedly dangerous conduct.”

Both vehicles were impounded and alternative transport found for the 40 passsengers; ones with normal seating and seat belts… and child/baby seats.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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