San Juan in Motril

MOT San JuanTonight’s the big night and Motril is going to be no exception; plenty of activities, as well as the traditional beach bonfires etc.

Events kick off at 22.30h down on Playa Cable with a Foam Party. There will also be a balloon-figure workshop for kids, music and an inflatable slide – adults abstain.

Then at midnight, the planet Earth will disintegrate, but failing that the official-bonfire lighting will take place, accompanied to a small firework display.

Then, in front of the camping site on the Playa de Poniente, there will be live music with two groups, La Jaula and Kassia (a covers group), which will last until 05.00h, if the audience doesn’t drag them off the stage and lynch them before.

As for security, 40 policemen from both the Policia Local and Policía Nacional will be there not only to make sure nobody hurts themselves, gets lost, or gets sold to Balkan organ harvesters, but also to make sure that people don’t start feeding their individual bonfires municipal beach property.

Obviously, the fire service and ambulance crews will also be on duty.

However, if you do accidentally incinerate half your relatives or intentionally some of your in-laws; lose your offspring or find yourself in the company of somebody of an inquisitive nature concerning your kidneys, liver or bankcard pin code, you should phone the emergency number 112.

Now, this is important; the only beach bonfires that will be permitted are those on Playa del Cable in Motril, la Plaza de la Iglesia in Torrenueva, and the Castillo (beach) in Carchuna.

For those that are going to sleep on the said beaches, you will be turfed off them at 06.00h.

Finally, on Playa de Poniente in front of the camping site, there will be a pile of wood for people to use for their own bonfires – first come; first served!

Now you know!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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