Lobres Work Begins

SAL Lobres Entrance RoadWork on Calle Bonifacio Caro, which is the main access road to the village, has begun, widening it and replacing the underground infrastructure, too.

The work has a budget of 190,000 euros and will take in the replacement of existing sewage and water mains, as well as a separate rain-drainage system.

“This was a pledge made to the locals of Lobres,” explained the Mayor of Salobreña, who is also responsible for this satellite village.

The Councillor for Urban Development, Javier Ortega, said, “Of the three components to the improvement work, perhaps the road widening is the most important, bringing it from four metres in width up to eight metres, counting the footpaths.”

He finished by explaining that the work will be done in stages, so as to affect as little as possible the traffic.

(News: Lobres, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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