Giant Squid in Asturias

spn-giant-squid-onlA giant squid of some 105 kilos was discovered floating off a beach in Galicia – and it was only a baby!

The dead animal appears to have lost a fight with something equally big and anti-social.

This female Architeuthis was taken to the Parque de la Vida de Luarca, where it will be examined and where it will joined another three similar specimens that have found a home in the Centro de Estudio de los Mamíferos Marinos in Galicia.

Oh, and the accompanying photo is of a giant squid found off Asturias 2015 and not a ration of calamares served on the floor.

Getting back to our Gallego giant squid, it was moribund when found rather than long dead. The squid had sucker marks over its body, especially its abdomen, which probably indicates that it had a fight with something a bit bigger within its own species.

The Chairman of the centre, Sr. Laria, considers that there had been a “battle between titans.” Such were the wounds received that the squid gradually ascended to the surface to end up floating in full view off Playa Estaca de Bares.

(News: Galicia, Spain)

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