Armed with A Traffic Sign

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
By Martin Myall

spn-armed-with-traffic-sign-onlWhilst in the USA the police shoot you dead for being of a suspicious colour, in Spain, you can beat a patrol car to death and they let you get on with it.

Yes, in Bilbao, things are different as the following incident will highlight. The police prevented a man from getting into his car and driving off because he was evidently drunk.

Now, instead of being grateful, he ripped out a traffic sign attacked first one, and then another patrol car with. The police in the meantime, directed the traffic around the irate man, engrossed in his pressing task.

Finally – and two cars later – a plainclothes policeman jumped on him from behind – is nothing sacred? – and relieved him of his overworked signpost, which no doubt sighed in relief.

Again, we would like to point out that had this happened in the USA and the driver was blessed with a midnight complexion, he would have been shot dead with the disappointed sign still in his mitts and a ‘spare gun’ conveniently slipped into the other underemployed one.

But leaving the eventful shores our our transatlantic neighbours and returning to Bilbao, or more precisely Etxebarri at the fateful hour of 22.15h on the 21st, the police had received a tip off from the driver’s wife to say that hubby was three sheets to the wind and keen on getting behind the wheel.

The police arrived outside his house and tried to dissuade him from such an action, which is when a perfectly peaceful traffic sign was wrestled from its habitual abode and smashed, repeatedly, into the windscreen of the patrol car.

Dismayed, the police called for reinforcements and a second patrol car arrived, which attracted the assailant, who had surprisingly good accuracy when delivering the blows, despite his alcohol intake.

Finally, as explained above and much to the relief of the traffic sign, somebody actually managed to wrestle him to the ground, which, let’s be honest, is where you normally end up with a skinful of booze even without the help of a policeman.

The wobbly rebel was handcuffed and taking to the Basauri police station where he remained ‘very boisterous,’ so much that he managed to injure himself – according to the police – so a doctor was called to attend to his injuries. The doctor recommended his being transferred to the psychiatric ward of the area hospital in Galdakao

We leave you with this video, just in case you don’t believe us…

(News: Etxebarri, Basque Lands)

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