Acompalia Summer Ball

Screen shot 2015-10-03 at 22.51.53I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Acompalia Charity Summer Ball on 18th September at Casa de los Bates.

I was supposed to be the MC, but managed to escape most of my duties and just enjoy the evening.

The bands La Ley de Murphy and Los Gintonics were brilliant
and highly recommended for events or parties.

Lindsay Ostervig, the President of the palliative care charity, Acompalia spoke brilliantly about the achievements of this worthy charity and the opening of their new premises in Lanjarón and thanked the many people who both contribute and give their time.

Speaking of which, young Chris Oliver worked his red jacket threadbare organizing the event and getting people to help out. He wasn’t alone in his efforts, but he was my main point of contact and he certainly put some legwork and time into getting this first Acompalia Summer Ball off the ground.

As mentioned, this was their first-ever summer ball and we are sure at the Gazette that it is merely an ‘acorn’ from which the event will grow, in both attendance and support, year on year.

Having said that, it was a true success… over a hundred peoplehad a brilliant time, the venue and food were fabulous and I looked stunning! (‘stunned’ more like it! – Martin)

Of course, Acompalia Vice President, Chris Stewart was there (very annoying that he got that post… I dream of being in charge of Vice!), I was going to approach him and offer to sign a copy of my book for him. Thankfully, I remembered just how bad my book is before I made my move!

If you would like to volunteer or contribute to Acompalia contact Lindsay Ostervig at 664 776 215 or email her at:

Or maybe you would like to know more about the charity and their aims, in which case go to:

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  1. loscarlosboy
    October 4, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    David, thank you for all of the above and for all that you did on the night. You were a welcoming MC and did an excellent job. Chris Oliver, as always, excelled in his efforts and our President, Lindsay, is a shining light for us all! Thank you for joining us all in a great evening and thanks to the Seaside Gazette for your support and coverage. Dave and Glynis Smith.

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