Mass Taxi Protest

AND Taxi Protest OnLAmongst the 2,000 taxi drivers demonstrating in Málaga, there were quite a few from Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical in general.

The whole taxi sector are on the war path over the new law to introduce ‘free competition;’ in other words, anybody can work anywhere. Up till now, to give an example, only Málaga taxis, for example could pick up passengers from the airport without a reservation.

The Chairman of the Federación Andaluza del Taxi Rural, Antonio Joya, who is also the Chairman of the Almuñecar Taxi Association, says that it is lamentable that the Government is set on the “destruction of the sector.”

Sr Joya believes that the new law will open the sector up to the big operators, who will cut prices and push small operators out of business, taking control of the small townships. These big companies can buy up the taxi licences at prices that nobody can hope to compete with.

If it were not enough that thanks to the Internet normal people can operate like taxis, charging much less, the new law proposed by the Comisión Nacional de Competencias is eating away at the other flank.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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