The Horseshoe’s Happiness

LHR Film PremierHi,

I want to submit an announcement for your What’s on section: an interesting cultural event taking place in La Herradura on October 9th, which is the premiere screening of a documentary called The Horseshoe’s Happiness.

It’s a 63 minute film about the town of La Herradura and Tijs Groen, a former Dutch athletics champion who gave up his running career to pursue a new and unknown adventure as a guitarist in southern Spain.

After taking a holiday in La Herradura, he decided he wanted to live in this beautiful place and start improving his guitar skills in the heart of guitar music: Andalusia.

The Horseshoe’s Happiness
follows Tijs during his first year in Spain. With ups and downs, he lives through all the seasons in the coastal area, from the cold and abandoned winter to the crowded and touristy summer. During this cycle he is slowly confronted with the consequences of his choices. More and more he has to find answers to questions about where he comes from and where he’s heading to.

The documentary also features Stephen Hill, a guitar maker and Tony Turner, a retired school teacher, both living in La Herradura. 

Partly spoken in English and partly spoken in Dutch with English subtitles, the screening is a complete English version.

The premiere screening will take place on the 9th of October at 21.00 hours. In the Centro Cívico in La Herradura. Entrance is free. 

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