Car Scratcher Arrested

The Guardia Civil arrested a 67-year-old woman for allegedly keying (scratching with a key) 14 parked cars, bless her.

The arrest took place in Vegas del Genil-Purchil, near the city of Granada earlier this week.

The woman stands accused of scratching eight cars on Calle Calvario around midday on the 24th of July, and then another six the next day on Calle Selva Florida.

The damaged caused is estimated at 9,000 euros, because on the majority of the targeted cars, the scratch starts at one end and finishes at the other; i.e., all the way down the side.

She also, reportedly, ‘signed her work’ on some of the cars’ bonnets using her multi-purpose door key…

Anyway, the next day on the 26th of July, the Guardia Civil started to receive irate complaints, so an investigation was got under way.

As quite a few of the cars had been damaged right outside a bank, they decided to look at the cashpoint security cameras. And there she was, advancing furtively along a line of parked cars.

They identified the suspect and pulled her in. When asked why she had done it, she explained that “they hadn’t wanted to give me anything to eat.” We’ve no idea who she was referring to, by the way.

After taking her statement… and finger prints, she was released pending trial.

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(News: Vega de Genil-Purchil, Granada, Andalucia)

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