Walmart Willy Wiggler

Monday, June 29, 2015
By David Darby

WLD milk streakerDid you know that there is a place called Pike County in Kentucky? Nor did we! Anyway, had you been shopping for your groceries in the town of South Williamson recently, you could have seen more sausage than is healthy.

Video footage emerged on YouTube of a naked man in Walmart. Not only was he naked, but he can also be seen pouring milk over himself whilst screaming that he was on fire.

Due to the nudity, the video was quickly removed, however, a copy has been made available to the authorities, which has since led to two men facing charges.

By the way, when we say naked, that is not strictly correct, our milky man was wearing shoes, socks and a Halloween mask.

All very amusing you may think‚ but not to Pike County Sheriff, Rodney Scott, “Well, the first question I would ask is why? Why would he want to do that? They can go to jail and they will go to jail.”

Sheriff Scott says that although the video may have caused some amusement, but there has been a crime of indecent exposure, and it has to be taken seriously.

“If we don’ take it seriously, then it could be happening all the time. So that’s why it was important to go ahead and make these arrests.”

So, warrants were issued for the streaker and the videographer. As you can see Mr. Timothy Smith was arrested and has allegedly admitted to being the streaker. The videographer was also detained.

As for their punishment… well let’s just hope for their sakes that US law doesn’t take a leaf out of some middle eastern justice books.

(News/Wonky World)

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