Mussels Threaten Bermejales

AND BermejalesThe Southern Water Board (CHG) is taking steps to counteract the presence of the freshwater zebra mussels in the Pantano de Bermejales.

Zebra mussels get their name from a striped pattern which is commonly seen on their shells. They are usually about the size of a fingernail, but can grow to a maximum length of nearly 5-cm.

Their proliferation is a nightmare for dam pipe-work infrastructure, rapidly clogging inlet and outlet pipes.

AND mejillon CebraThe countermeasure to be employed by the CHG are two fixed disinfection stations where any boats brought into the reservoir waters will have to pass. This also goes for fishing gear.

Other measure will include the inspection and clearing of underwater infrastructure – el Pantano de los Bermajeles has hydroelectric installations, unlike Rules, for example.

Swings and roundabout.
In the United States this ‘invasion’ has caused havoc in the great lakes and the rivers that feed them. Because they are so efficient at filtering water, they tend to accumulate pollutants and toxins, which is believed to be behind the avian botulism outbreaks resulting in the deaths of thousands of bird in the 90’s.

Yet, precisely because they are so effective at filtering water, they also have a beneficial effect on the water quality that has led to increased numbers of species of bass and perch, thanks to greater sunlight penetration which in turn stimulates native algae growth.

(News: Bermejales, Alama de Granada, Andalucia)

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