Woman Brutally Kicked

A minor has been found guilty of kicking a woman repeatedly and with such ferocity that he ruptured her spleen.

It all started when a young lad with walking difficulties tripped over and fell on a young child playing in the street in the centre of the city of Granada.

The older brother of the child then set upon the lad, even though his younger brother had not been harmed. The mother of the boy being assaulted came to his aid, trying to separate them, only for the aggressor to turn his attention upon her, lashing out with his feet.

The woman realised that she had been badly injured by the pain in her side and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

The doctors soon discovered that her spleen was completely ruptured and that she required immediate surgery, so they extirpated the damaged organ.

All this happened in July last year but the case has only just come up – such is the sluggish pace of the Spanish judicial system.

The aggressor, who was a minor at the time, has been sentenced to 18 months internment and another six months on probation.

But there’s more, because the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) demanded and were awarded 9.632 euros from his parents for the medical treatment needed by the woman. The family also has to pay 630 euros in compensation to young lad who was initially set upon before the youth turned upon his mother.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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