Mayor Faces Prison over Police Road Accident

The Public Prosecutor has recommended a 20-month, prison sentence for the Mayor of Monachil over an accident caused when a patrol car’s brakes failed.

Also facing the judge for the same reason is the Councillor for Citizen Safety and the Chief of Police. The trial is set for the 20th of January.

The car accident occurred at 14.30h on the 13th of December, 2009 when the policeman was driving the patrol car down from the Sierra Nevada – the Town Hall of Monarchil is responsible for the skiing-resort village.

He was heading down hill when he realised that the brakes were not responding. Seeing a car coming up the road towards him which he would not be able to avoid, he pulled desperately on the handbrake, effectively losing control of the vehicle, causing it to collide with the oncoming Seat Toledo.

As a result the patrol car turned over onto its roof, completely off the road, ending up a total write-off.

He suffered whip-lash injuries to the neck and four fractured ribs.

He was also not happy, not surprisingly.

(News: Monachil, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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