Hostelry Strike over Easter?

The two national unions, UGT and CCOO are threatening a province-wide strike in the hostelry trade during Semana Santa.

The reason for the discord is the renegotiation of the General Wages Agreement for Granada, between the sector unions and the Employers Association. According to the unions the employers are taking advantage of the present economic crisis to trash the existing G.W.A, drastically cutting back on the working conditions of the 15,000 workers in the sector.

The Federación de Empresas de Hostelería y Turismo is calling for a wide range of cuts to working conditions, such as: a shorter annual holiday period; a reduction in the ratio to long-term employment contracts to temporary ones (at present the long-term contracts represent 55%); lower payment rates for working on public holidays, and ‘flexibility’ in work positions; i.e., as dining-room waiter you could be told to take on room-cleaning duties.

There are two points to be taken into consideration: firstly, the province of Granada enjoys one of the best General Wages Agreements for the sector in the whole of Spain.

Secondly, hotels on the Costa Tropical have missed out on the mild recuperation in the tourism sector caused by the growth tourist figures; whereas other ‘costas’ have seen an increase in takings, the hotels on the Costa Tropical have actually seen a drop, despite there being more tourists. This is because Granada hotels have lowered their prices so much that even with the hotel full, they cannot break even.

(News: Province of Granada, Andalucia)

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