Flying Restrictions on Axarquia Aerodrome

AXA El trapicheThe Real Aeroclub de Málaga, based at the El Trapiche aerodrome, (Vélez-Málaga) voted to stop light aircraft flying over built up areas. The reason being that there have been two flying accidents in 16 months, with the total loss of four lives.

This restriction imposed by the club on aircraft using the club is one of a series of safety measures approved in a recent Extraordinary Meeting of the Club.

Light aircraft in Spain are permitted by Aviación Civil to fly over built up areas as long as they don’t go below 1,000 feet (300 metres).

This move comes as a result of the general concern generated in the Axarquia area after these flying accidents, couple with one from a decade ago (2003) when four people were killed in one accident; the worse accident involving this aerodrome in the 18 years of the installations existence.

As for aerobatics, the club has decided that the minimum height for such manoeuvres must be 2,500 feet (750 metres). This is because pilot Javier Fernández, who died together with his passenger on the 16th of August, had been putting his aircraft into ‘corkscrews’ and other aerobatic manoeuvres, moments before the crash. Furthermore, apart from the minimum height, aerobatics can only be carried out directly above the aerodrome, thus ruling out doing them over open land, isolated dwellings and urban areas.

Other safety restrictions obliged pilots to use the airspace over the Rio de Vélez as a ‘highway’ for accessing or leaving the airfield. They are forbidden from flying over Velez-Malaga, Torre del Mar, or in land towns such as Benamocarra, Benamargosa and Iznate.

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