Update on Downloading the Gazette

Well, the first day of downloads went well. Any feedback about how it worked for those that did download a copy would be appreciated – if it was too long winded or the process was unclear, etc.

At the moment the September and October issues are available for downloading, but next month will see down loaders having a small head start over those waiting to pick up a paper copy as the printer takes three days to produce the mag; three days in which the PDF will already be available online.

This is because the same day that we send the PDF master copy to the printer, we will also be putting up a smaller-file-size one up for downloading.

So, in effect, people in the UK and the rest of Europe could already have a copy three days before those readers in Almuñécar and the rest of the coast get their paper edition.

Such is the speed of Internet communication, and the same time, the time-consuming process of actually printing out a paper edition.

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