Just Horseplay?

We are constantly bombarded with news of people in trusted positions, from just about every religion, who are arrested for some sort of sexual deviancy. Normally, just the news makes us angry at them for their abuse, not only of their victims, but of our trust as well.

Well, in this case, I’m picking, not on the accused church-camp counselor from Chattanooga, USA, but his defense attorney. The attorney in question is Allen Trapp who is representing Zachary Anderle, the said church camp counselor after he allegedly touched a 13-year-old child with his penis. Mr. Trapp has stated in court that the incident was just “horseplay” and “all just good fun.”

The incident occurred one night when one of Anderle’s young charges was allegedly, “using a lot of unsavory, sexually charged language,” according to attorney Trapp, who went on, “Zach told him to stop and said, ‘If you don’t stop, I will come down there and sleep with you naked.'” It was at this point that Anderle jumped on top of the boy naked, which, again, according to Mr. Trapp, the other boys found funny.

According to local press, Zachary Anderle was charged with simple battery, two counts of third-degree cruelty to children and sexual assault in an incident which alleges he jumped on the boy naked, placed his penis on the boys crotch area, then slapped the boy about the face.

The Church itself set up a committee to investigate the accusations and came up with the result that it was just a case of ‘horseplay gone wrong.’ They have barred Anderle from participating in any church activities involving children, but their statement does tend to lean towards them seeing this incident as ‘normal.’

The camp directory did try to apologize to the boys mother and offered counseling, however, she refused to comment or reply. The church obviously did not see the irony in offering counseling to a woman whose child had been jumped on, slapped and been touched by by the genitalia of one of their counselors!

The case continues.

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