The Wobbly Building Plot Sale

The Motril Town Hall proudly announced that it had sold a piece of public land next to the Guardia Civil post, which is currently a car park. But there appears to be something murky behind it.

The purchase price was 2.5m euros, which the Town Hall announced would help to shore up the municipal budget. What they didn’t announce was that one million of that would be swallowed up by an old debt.

The Town Hall had slapped a compulsory purchase order on a piece of land next to the Charca de Suárez water-fowl preserve. Yet the sum set for this compulsory purchase was never paid in full. Consequently, the original owners of this land are in the middle of legal action to recuperate the outstanding sum plus interest, totaling one million euros.

How were they hoping to get their money? By embargoing public land.. yes you guessed it, the piece that the Town Hall is in the middle of selling to a luckless land developer, next to the Guardia Civil post for 2.5m.

As this Charca de Suárez affair dates back to 2008, one can reason that the Town Hall has had time to sort it out, but they never got around to it.

To make matters worse, the parking lot is not ready for sale because the land has not been officially segregated and the buyers have not been able to obtain the deeds because of it . The Town Hall admits that the land registry puts to plot down as 780 sq/m but the meterage that the new owner has bought adds up to 1,100 sq/m. So it appears that the land segregation was just another task that has been put off too long.

“The building plot that they have sold does not have its papers in order, which demonstrates that the governing party is lacking in its capabilities. This is liable to frighten off future investors because they will feel insecure,” said the socialist opposition councillor, Flor Amón.

Quite apart from all this, the act of selling off available public car parks so that they can be built upon seems lunacy in a town where parking is at a premium.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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