Telegrams Bite The Dust

Both the Publisher and myself served in the British forces as Communicators, and as such, both of us  were rather sad recently to see the end of Morse Code as a viable means of communication, something we had used almost daily in our military careers.

Then the American military said they were ceasing all use of messages in capital letters. All military traffic was in capital letters, sent via telex-type machines with the, now unheard of, Murray Code tape (or ticker-tape) pouring from the side of the machine.

Now it’s the turn of the humble Telegram. Incredibly, there are still 5,000 telegrams sent a day, but only in India and in terms of population, that is very few indeed. So, on July 15th, the last telegram will be sent and India’s state-owned telecom company, BSNL, will close for the last time.

Not the most significant or interesting story for our younger readers, but something that will surely tug, just a small heartstring, of us older dudes.


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