Inciting a Minor to Murder?

The Provincial Public Prosecutor is recommending an 8-year, jail sentence for both the parents of a minor, whom they incited to shoot somebody. They stand accused of attempted murder.

On two separate occasions they urged the minor to shoot an acquaintance with who they had had a long-running dispute.

On the 2nd of June, 2011, just outside Mercagranada in the City of Granada, around 11.30h Rafael F.H., who has a criminal record, and his wife, Maria Coral M.A. began a heated argument with the victim. The couple were accompanied by their 17-year-old son.

The father threatened, “Murderer, I’m going to kill you, Criminal!” The victim then dared them to carry out his threat. At this point the family got into the car and then drove past the supermarket.

The son fired off two shots, neither of which hit the intended victim, hitting instead the supermarket window and door, according to the Public Prosecutor.

Evidently, had the minor actually killed the victim, then he would not have faced the same consequences as an adult. The trial takes place on the 26th of this month

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)