Driving Slow Costs Teeth

Intrigued? A 28-year-old man was arrested after he punched another driver for driving too slow. To be more exact, he broke his nose and knocked two teeth out.

It was in the early hours of one morning on Calle Pedro Antonio Alarcón in Granada, which is where all the night bars are. It was 03.00h, to be precise, and both cars had just pulled up at a red light. In other words, it was the classic moment of regret, just after you put your middle finger up at a gorilla stuffed into the driving position of a car that you had just cut up… gleefully!

Not only was the first driver allegedly driving too slow from the aggressor’s point of view, but he was undeniably too slow to wind up his side window and lock the driver’s door as the 28-year-old stomped up, because he biffed the blighter through the open window.

Thanks to the omission to lock the door, he soon found himself out on the ground receiving several kicks to the face. Fortunately for the victim, several witnesses were ‘quick’ to come to his assistance and an ambulance arrived with ‘alacrity.’

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)