Wife Knocks Husband Over – Twice

A man went to do some shopping at the Lidl supermarket in Churriana (Málaga) but came away with seven broken ribs instead of an equivalent number of BBQ’d ribs – thanks to his ex-wife.

It appears that the 45-year-old woman deliberately ran her car ‘into and over’ her husband, a 52-year-old fireman, in the car park, not once, but twice – would it be reckless to rule out an accident? The victim had just left the supermarket with his shopping and was putting it into the boot when his ex-wife drove into him.

One witness explained how he had been getting a trolley when he heard an impact and turned to see the man being thrown backwards. He then watched, astonished, as the woman put the car into reverse, he says, and ran over the man with the wheels on one side of the car – obviously not a dab hand at reversing otherwise she would have got him with all four – just saying…

At this point the witness decided to intervene, so he opened the driver’s door and deprived the woman of the car keys. As an explanation, she said that she was very nervous – not as nervous as the man under the car, evidently.

Apparently, the man and woman were divorced a little over a year ago, after 17 years of marriage which produced two children.

Anyway, the emergency services were called, but the first to arrive were the municipal police, who took the woman to the Hospital Clinico Universitario in Málaga for a check-up, because, according to the police, she had a history of psychiatric problems from depression. The victim, on the other hand, was taken to Hospital Carlos Haya, (at a safe distance) where his injuries were treated – his situation is said to be battered but stable.

The affair has been handed over to the homicide department of the Policía Nacional, as the incident is considered intentional. The first figure of authority on the scene, in fact, was a policeman from the Policía Nacional because he had been shopping at the lidl at the time of the incident.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the woman joined the Policía Local in Torremolinos in 1990 but only served two years before transferring to an administrative role in the Department of the Environment at the Town Hall. The ex-husband had worked for the fire service there for over 20 years.

(News: Malaga, Andalucia)