Granada Rubbish Strike Continues

The provincial capital is awash with accumulating rubbish, left uncollected by striking workers. If that were not bad enough, the city’s firemen have had to extinguish 23 rubbish hoppers over the weekend that had been deliberately torched.

The strike began Monday, carrying over the weekend and continuing today with no signs of an agreement between the refuse-collection workers and the company, Inagra. The last offer made by the company was rejected by the strikers, in which the company put forward a compromise of a 2.5% salary reduction and a salary freeze for the next four years, with an increase in working hours up to 37.5.

Furthermore, a spokesman for the strikers said that the acts of arson have nothing to do with them, as they only want to conserve their jobs and work conditions. This was in answer to some who accused the strikers of torching the rubbish hoppers and piles of rubbish bags themselves.

After a full week of strike action, it is calculated that around 1,400 tonnes of rubbish adorn the city’s streets. The workers union, UGT, put the accumulation of rubbish at a further 150 tonnes for every day that the strike persists, with 100% of the 540 company workforce on strike.

(News, Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andalucia)