Bye Bye Botellón

First of all, a botellón is a gathering in an open public space to hold a party based on alcohol bought from supermarkets, rather than consuming drinks at pub prices in night bars. Having explained that, the two semi-independent townships of Carchuna and Calahonda have cracked down on this practice.

“I knew when I became the First Councillor for Carchuna and Calahonda there would be decisions that I would like and those that I would not, and this is one of the former,” explained Concepción Abarca, adding, “There’s nowhere to hold them, but if somebody comes up with an idea, I’m listening.”

She lamented how these weekend street bashes during the summer had grown into a problem, firstly because nobody can get any sleep and secondly, she said, for the safety of the participants, because the latest ones were held along the beach road.

Sra. Abarca pointed out that there was nowhere isolated enough to set up a botellodromo (an official site provided by local authorities) and that nobody wanted one next to their home. The other side to it, is that a botellodromo arrangement is highly questionable because bar owners are paying taxes to run their businesses, only to have the Town Hall setting up something with their tax money that wipes out their clientele.

It will be the hard-pressed Motril municipal police who will have to police the two villages, imposing the municipal ban on consuming alcohol in public places.

(News: Carchuna/Calahonda, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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